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Tooth Extraction Hobe Sound FL

At DiMeo Family Dental,we perform dental extractions for a myriad of reasons. Extraction involves the act of pulling or removing teeth. While the most common reason adults undergo tooth removal is to have their wisdom teeth removed, there are even more reasons such treatment becomes necessary for an adult. These reasons can be divided into infection and oral reconstruction.

Infection Treatment

Regarding infection, tooth extraction can be justified in very extreme cases where your teeth will do more harm staying within your mouth than being removed. An example of this is to prevent the disease spreading from one tooth to other teeth, or because tooth decay has advanced so severely the tooth has no chance of supporting any other attempts to fix it. Also, in the case of advanced gum disease, the gums or soft tissue within the oral cavity may recede downwards to the point where the patient will have their teeth roots exposed, and therefore their teeth may get loose in their sockets. In this case, it is better to have the tooth extracted by qualified personnel rather than losing the tooth in an unexpected and unprepared manner in an unsterilized environment.

Oral Reconstruction

For oral reconstruction, tooth extraction may be called for when you recently had physical trauma that may have caused one or more teeth to be fractured within the root channel, or if there are any impacted teeth. Tooth extraction may also be called for if your oral cavity is facing crowding, which is a term used to describe a jaw that has too many teeth. A patient with a crowding problem will face difficulty going through dental correction if they do not extract a few teeth to make room for the correction to take place.

Types of Dental Extraction

There are two types of dental extraction procedures that we carry out: simple and surgical extraction. The simple extraction is for the removal of teeth that are fully exposed and, therefore, easy to work on and straightforward to access. This extraction can be carried out by any of our general practitioners.

The surgical dental extraction is for cases where one cannot easily access the particular tooth to be extracted. It requires our dental surgeon to access the tooth to be extracted by making an incision in the tissue surrounding it. This way our surgeon can see how best to loosen and remove it. If the tooth is broken beneath the gumline, surgical intervention is the best way to ensure all the pieces are taken out.

Depending on what kind of extraction is needed and the complexity of the case, a local anesthetic may be given. X-rays are typically taken to help guide Dr. DiMeo on how best to approach the removal and ensure they have taken out the all the pieces if broken or if a decision was made to have the tooth cut up into several pieces to make extraction easier. A surgical extraction will also need several specialized personnel, including an anesthesiologist to monitor and handle anesthetics.

We provide the means to help you with tooth extraction that is both as painless and trouble free as possible. If you wish to find out more about our tooth extraction services, and the care we provide regarding them, feel free to ask when you next book an appointment with us or call us at DiMeo Family Dental at (772) 266-0962 today!
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Tooth Extraction • DiMeo Family Dental • Hobe Sound, FL
At DiMeo Family Dental in Hobe Sound, we perform dental tooth extractions for a myriad of reasons. Tooth extractions involve the act of pulling or removing teeth.
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