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Sports Mouthguards in Hobe Sound, FL

Our team at DiMeo Family Dental is here to provide you with sports mouthguards that will offer you safety and practicality throughout your activities. A mouthguard is a guard that protects your teeth, gums, and jaw from injuries. They are of vital importance for athletes who practice sports that require intense human contact or involve high possibilities of falls, such as mountain biking, wrestling, football, etc. They are especially important in those activities where the risk of cracking your teeth or even your jaw is high. The treatment of those injuries is hard and often expensive. Our doctors are more than happy to help you avoid such unfortunate incidents by designing the perfect mouthguard for you.

Types of Mouthguards

You can find some pre-shaped mouthguards in shops that sell sports equipment, but they are often unable to fit your mouth correctly. You could also find what is called ‘boiled’ mouthguards. These mouthguards need to be boiled to get them malleable so they can then be shaped to the patient’s mouth. It is often the case that patients might choose one of the other options, for economic reasons, and then experience some inconvenience. In light of this, many patients then have to book an appointment with our doctors for a customized mouthguard, designed in our doctors’ office or our laboratories, to fit perfectly their needs.

Your mouthguard should be comfortable and perfectly adjusted to your mouth structure to ensure maximum endurance and protection. Our doctors can provide you with customized mouthguards that are adjusted completely to your condition. In such cases, our doctors will take an accurate mouth impression. From this they will design a guard that fits perfectly for you. Because our team will create a completely personalized cover for you, you do not need to worry if you wear braces or you have bridges. Our covers can be adjusted to your specific conditions.

As far as the aesthetics of your mouthguard go, we can provide a variety of colors. Some people prefer them transparent, or some others choose the color that matches the uniform of their team. Whatever your preference is, our team is here to accommodate it.

Life Span of Product

The durability of mouthguards is relative. Children and teenagers would need to change covers quite often because their mouth is still evolving. As a consequence, mouthguards might become too loose or too tight as the structure and shape of the mouth changes.

When it comes to adults, the life span of the product depends on the frequency and the intensity of the activity. As it happens with any other type of sports-related products, the more you use the product, the less the endurance and safety it can provide. To make sure whether you need to change your mouthguard, you should ask our dentists who will be able to give an accurate estimation.

In that case, you should bring your mouthguard with you during your scheduled appointment. For more information you can call DiMeo Family Dental at (772) 266-0962 at any time.
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Our doctors are more than happy to help you avoid unfortunate incidents by designing the perfect sports mouthguard for you. Call to schedule your appointment!
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