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Root Canals in Hobe Sound, FL

Dr. DiMeo is here for you to provide an efficient, accurate, and as comfortable as possible root canal. This is a procedure that is used when a tooth is severely decayed or infected. The nerves of the teeth can be found in the pulp, which is the area in the center of your teeth. If the infection has broken through to the chamber, a root canal is required. You do not have to worry about this treatment because after the root of your tooth has matured, the nerves do not play a vital role apart from providing a sense of temperature. So, a root canal procedure would not impede the function of your teeth, if done successfully.

The Procedure

Rumor has it that the root canal procedure is painful. However, patients who have undergone this procedure state that it is fairly pain-free, like the placement of fillings. Dr. DiMeo can complete the process in the first session, or more appointments might be necessary, depending on the severity of the infection.

First, Dr. DiMeo will examine your teeth via x-ray scanning, in order for them to estimate the appropriate procedure based on your root canal structure and the nature of the damage. Anesthetic is often unnecessary, since the nerve is damaged and so cannot transmit the signal of pain. However, it is often the case that local anesthetic is used pre-emptively to ensure your comfort. In this way, the area around the tooth under procedure becomes numb, in order for you to experience the root canal smoothly and stress-free.

Then, our dentist will dry the area, so that a rubber cover can be placed at the base of your tooth. Our doctor will then proceed to drill a hole that will enable access to the damaged pulp chamber beneath. With the assistance of specialized files, the infected tissue will be removed. During the procedure Dr. DiMeo will use sodium hypochlorite or water to clean out the area. The need for another appointment will depend on the particular case details.

Why A Second Visit May Be Necessary

If the decay is minimal, the procedure might finish within the same session, by sealing your tooth with a filling. In some cases of infection, Dr. DiMeo might conclude that it is medically appropriate to put medication in the tooth, for the infection to be cured. If we decide that your situation requires more than one appointment, Dr. DiMeo will install a temporary filling. That is because we want to make sure that your tooth is protected from infection that could derive from bacteria, or even food, until the completion of the dental intervention.

After the end of the root canal Dr. DiMeo will decide if a crown or a filling is more appropriate for you. Depending on the amount of tooth that has decayed, you may end up with an inlay or onlay instead. The last step is polishing the filling so that it is not discernible within your mouth. The majority of patients will overcome the feeling of inconvenience or sensitivity in the area within twenty-four hours.

If you need help tackling a tooth that may benefit from this procedure, do get in touch with us. For more information, contact us, DiMeo Family Dental at (772) 362-9555 today.
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