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Root Canal Dentist Hobe Sound FL

If you experience ongoing pain in your teeth, it is important to understand the root of the problem and seek treatment as soon as possible. This will prevent future toothaches and help you avoid emergency dental visits down the road. A root canal treatment, commonly referred to as an endodontic treatment, requires immediate attention to prevent the spread of an infection to other teeth or other areas of your body. If you feel pain and inflammation in one or more of your teeth, DiMeo Family Dental can help to examine your teeth and perform any necessary root canal treatments.

What Is a Root Canal?

An endodontic treatment requires our team to examine your teeth and take a radiograph of your teeth. Upon inspection of both your physical teeth and the provided x-ray, it may be determined that a root canal is the only way to prevent further decay of your teeth. The initial procedure requires local anesthetic to ease any discomfort. A dental dam, a small protective sheet, is placed to isolate the tooth from any bacteria and saliva. Next, our endodontist accesses the pulp chamber through the crown of your tooth, cleaning and shaping it for a filling. A biocompatible material, secured with an adhesive cement, seals the root canal in place. Often, a temporary dental filling is applied to seal the opening, while a more permanent option is made.

When Do I Need a Crown Restoration?

After a root canal is performed, our team will decide whether your restoration requires a crown or a permanent filling. If your tooth suffered a major chip or crack, had a prior large dental filling, or had large amounts of decay, it is more likely you will need a crown restoration. Not getting a crown may cause a severe fracture below the gumline or cause the tooth to split in half, requiring a total tooth extraction. The only way to prevent these types of fractures, and the subsequent extraction, is through a crown restoration.

There are several other reasons our team may recommend a crown instead of a filling. During a root canal, a tooth may become discolored permanently and whitening or bleaching may not work. Other times, a post may be placed inside your tooth to stabilize it if a portion of your tooth is missing. Front teeth may also be mildly to severely crooked after a root canal. These are all unflattering and the only possibility to fix it will be through a crown.

When Do I Need a Filling Restoration?

Fillings are often easier to perform than crown restorations, but they are only recommended when little to no structural damage was caused by the infection or inflammation. This usually happens when only a small amount of decay is found deep in a tooth that requires a root canal to clean it out effectively. In these cases, usually only a small filling may be required.

Dimeo Family Dental - Root Canal Dentist

For more information, and to determine if a root canal is best for your specific case, call DiMeo Family Dental at (772) 266-0962 today to schedule an appointment.
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