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Nightguards in Hobe Sound, FL

Woman placing a nightguard in her mouth provided from DiMeo Family Dental in Hobe Sound, FloridaHere at DiMeo Family Dental we can provide mouthguards that will ensure comfort throughout your night’s rest. A nightguard is a cover that protects your teeth, gums, and jaw during sleep. This specific type of mouthguard is mainly used in cases of bruxism or snoring. Bruxism is a fairly common phenomenon, which corresponds to grinding teeth overnight. The causes are multiple, and stress is one of them. Some of the signs of bruxism are a trembling sound during the night, muscle pain or headache in the morning, and the feeling of a tight or sore jaw after waking up.

If you notice any of those inconvenient feelings you can visit our dentists, and they are more than happy to create accurately adjusted night mouthguards for you.

How Nightguards Work

This plastic or rubber product will alleviate the friction between your jaws, and minimize any trembling or grinding sounds during your sleep. The procedure is easy, stressless and pain-free. Our doctors will take an impression of the structure of your mouth to create a product that is accurately adjusted to your mouth. The next step is to create a customized cover for you. This solution is slightly more costly than pre-shaped nightguards that can be found in pharmacies.

However, when it comes to dental health there is not much space for compromising the quality of the product. Neglected bruxism can lead to teeth attrition, or feelings of discomfort throughout the day. Especially in cases where the condition of teeth grinding persists, constant pain in your jaw could be counter-productive in the long term. In light of this, personalized night mouthguards are medically recommended, since they assure comfort and maximum durability.

How Else Can They Help?

Nightguards are very useful also in cases of severe snoring. Good sleep is vital both for you and your partner, but when snoring is intense and constant, both of you will experience inconveniences. Snoring is sometimes caused by sleep apnea, during which the patients cannot breathe, and wake up with the feeling of choking. If you are experiencing these symptoms then make an appointment so we can help. Custom-made nightguards place your jaw in a position that allows air to flow freely. In this way, our appliances can alleviate snoring, which is the outcome of difficulty in breathing during sleep. Thus, a nightguard can be very important for your general health condition.

Compared to sport’s mouthguards, nightguards have a longer life span because they do not undergo the same wear and pressure. It is a common question whether patients who own an athletic guard can also use it during night sleep. The answer is generally no, because they are made to protect your mouth for different situations, and a sport’s mouthguard could be extremely inconvenient during sleep.

On average, nightguards last about ten years. It would be best to ask for our doctors’ advice about whether you need to change your guard. In that case, you should bring your guard with you on your regular check-up. For more information you can call DiMeo Family Dental at (772) 266-0962 today.
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Providing mouthguards that will ensure comfort throughout your night’s rest. A night guard is a cover that protects your teeth, gums, and jaw during sleep.
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