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Dentistry For Kids

A good oral hygiene routine should start from an early age. Dentistry for kids here at DiMeo Family Dental is of vital importance to give children the best start in life. It protects children from future cavities as well as educating both kids and their parents about the dangers of tartar and cavities.

The Importance of Baby Teeth

Not so long ago, it was widely believed that baby teeth would simply fall out and be replaced. Thanks to advancements in dental research we now know that dental problems originating in childhood can have a negative impact on adult oral health. There are several common problems that can affect the baby teeth.

Correcting Misalignment

Poor oral health in children can lead to specific, damaging oral problems in later life. Misalignment is a common problem caused by missing baby teeth. When baby teeth are eventually replaced, they are pushed upwards and out of the mouth by the new growth of the adult teeth underneath. When a baby tooth is removed too early - perhaps because of rotting or infection – then the adult tooth might not be ready to push through and replace it. This leads to misalignment of the adult teeth.

In the case of misalignment, the dentist may choose to perform a root canal on the child instead of removing the tooth and leaving an empty gap. An empty gap may lead to long-term orthodontic care or braces in the teenage years.

Preventing Decay

Decay can spread into permanent teeth from baby teeth if it is left untreated. If the new adult tooth pushes through the gumline into a decayed area, this can spread through the bone between the teeth. If a decayed baby tooth is removed this may cause misalignment of the adult teeth. Misalignment will lead to a future of orthodontic work. To avoid this, a children's root canal treatment may be needed.

Infections and Gum Disease

Infections can spread through the fluids, soft tissue, and bone that surrounds both the adult and the baby teeth. Likewise, gum disease can settle on baby teeth that have an excess of bacteria or tartar. This is usually caused by a lack of a regular and healthy oral hygiene routine.

Preventing Kid's Tooth Problems

As well as a healthy oral hygiene routine, kid's teeth can also be professionally cleaned by the dental hygienist. During this process, small tools will be used to scrape the tartar from around the base of the teeth. Bacterial deposits will also be cleaned out. The dental hygienist will then brush the teeth with a gritty toothpaste and professionally floss them to clean the areas between the teeth. Once finished, fluoride water will be used to rinse out the debris and leave a clean, fresh feeling.

During a kid's tooth and gum cleaning, the hygienist may also use a special fluoride gel on the teeth. The gel will be applied to plates that will be pressed against the upper and lower jaws. This fluoride gel seals in protection for the months until your next professional cleaning.

We provide the utmost in professional dentistry for kids. If you would like any further information on our services, then contact us at DiMeo Family Dental at (772) 266-0962, today.
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Dentistry For Kids • DiMeo Family Dental • Hobe Sound, FL
At DiMeo Family Dental, we believe dentistry for kids is of vital importance to give children the best start; a good oral hygiene routine starts from an early age!
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