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Dental Fillings Hobe Sound FL

Here at DiMeo Family Dental we are more than happy to place your fillings effectively and advise you about what option is most suitable for your personal needs. Fillings are treatments for a variety of conditions. They can be used in case of cavities, broken or weary teeth. Nowadays, there is a broad range of materials available, and each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Materials Used for Fillings

Gold fillings are the most durable solution. They last more than fifteen years, they are resistant to pressure and friction, and they are often more aesthetically pleasing for the patients, compared to the silver ones. However, they are more expensive, and they require a minimum of two visits to our doctors. Though it is not the most affordable option, a gold filling ensures that you will not have to think about it for decades after placing it.

Silver fillings are extremely durable, strong, and significantly cheaper than the gold ones. However, they are rarely aesthetically satisfying for patients, and they might lead to discoloration of your teeth after some years. Another important factor is that because of their size, our doctors might have to remove a healthy part of your tooth for the filling to fit. In general, they provide strong quality at a fairly economical price, despite the disadvantages.

White fillings are becoming increasingly popular because they are undetectable, as they have almost the same color as your teeth. They are mostly recommended for front teeth. They are smaller than the silver ones, and they can be used to fill any gap that derives from a cracked or a broken tooth. They are also chemically compatible with teeth, so they can even provide a stronger structure. However, they are not as strong as the silver fillings since they last more than five years. They also require a slower placing procedure than silver feelings.

Thus, each option has different positive and negative aspects. It would be preferable to discuss with our doctors all the possibilities, to reach the conclusion that will serve you best.

The Fillings Procedure

Even in case where the cavity or the crack is deep and close to the nerves, we will make sure to follow a procedure that is pain-free. Our doctors will use local anesthetic to the area of the tooth that needs a filling. In this way, the sense of pain will be numbed. When the anesthetic has created the effect of numbness our dentists will remove the decayed part of your tooth with specialized and sterilized tools. The next step is to fill the gap with your preferred material.

In case you have chosen a white composite filling, the procedure is longer because it requires our doctors to place the material in layers. After the placement of every layer, our doctors will harden it by using a specialized light. The final step is polishing the filling so that it becomes undetectable within your mouth when you speak or chew.

If you need more information, feel free to call DiMeo Family Dental at (772) 266-0962 at any time.
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