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Dental Cleaning Hobe Sound FL

Here at DiMeo Family Dental we offer tooth and gum cleanings as part of our focus on oral hygiene. Tooth and gum cleaning is essential for maintaining a healthy mouth and preventing tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

The Importance of Cleaning

A regular cleaning of the teeth and gums helps stop the build-up of plaque. It can remove staining from the teeth, preserving a whiter smile for longer. When used alongside a healthy routine of brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash, teeth and gum cleaning can help you avoid future cavities. If you maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine it is recommended that you engage in two professional cleanings per year.

The Teeth Cleaning Process

When you arrive for a dental cleaning appointment the hygienist will perform a quick dental examination of your teeth to identify any problem areas. If you are having any tooth sensitivity this is the time to say so. The hygienist will be looking for signs of gum disease. Once they are certain your mouth is healthy, they will proceed with removing the plaque.

The hygienist will work their way around each tooth in your mouth individually. They will use a small mirror, and an instrument called a 'scaler' to scrape away any built-up plaque. When plaque hardens it forms a brittle substance known as tartar. This tartar is difficult to remove and must be scraped off with the scaler. The more brushing and flossing you perform on a regular basis the less tartar builds up on your teeth. Since tartar weakens the enamel it should be removed to maintain a healthy smile.

When the hygienist has finished scraping your teeth, they will brush them with a specially designed toothbrush and some high-grit toothpaste. This will free up the last pieces of tartar while simultaneously polishing stains from your teeth. This part of the teeth cleaning process will leave your smile polished and whiter.

Once your teeth have been expertly brushed, you will be treated to intense flossing. The dental hygienist will move floss through all the gaps in your teeth to catch the last of the debris. When this stage is finished you will be asked to rinse your mouth clean with fluoride infused water.

The final stage in the cleaning process is to perform an intense fluoride treatment designed to protect your teeth until your next appointment. This involves pressing a plate coated in fluoride gel onto your teeth and holding it in place for a full minute. This is only mildly uncomfortable and the whole cleaning process ought to be painless.

Teeth Cleaning is Painless

When performed correctly a tooth and gum cleaning is painless. You may feel a little discomfort as the dentist works around your gums but there shouldn't be any pain in a cleaning appointment. You may feel a scraping sensation while the scaler works, or a grinding sensation as the toothbrush works. Neither of these devices will hurt you. If you do have sensitivity in a particular tooth then let the hygienist know before you begin. They will be extra gentle when treating the sensitive area.

If you would like more information about tooth and gum cleaning then call us at DiMeo Family Dental at (772) 266-0962 today.
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At Dimeo Family Dental, our professionals offer tooth and gum cleanings as part of our focus on oral hygiene. Call or visit to schedule an appointment today!
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