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Dental Bonding
Hobe Sound, FL

Here at DiMeo Family Dental we use the bonding procedure as a remedy to cases of subtle tooth chipping, fracture, discoloration, or decay. Bonding involves the use of a composite resin to cover up tooth spaces or discoloration caused by the conditions mentioned above. The tooth-colored composite resin is applied and made to bond with the affected tooth, hence the term bonding.

Bonding is a simple and inexpensive cosmetic dental treatment. The composite resin used usually matches the natural color of your teeth to ensure you have a uniform smile. Bonding is also used to close tooth gaps to create uniformity and enhance your smile. Bonding is, at times, preferred as an alternative to amalgam fillings, especially when the tooth decay is not significant.

How is Bonding Done?

We’ve already mentioned that bonding is a simple treatment. It is as straightforward as it sounds. You’ll need an initial consultation appointment with one of our dentists. Our dentist, Dr. Brian DiMeo will examine your teeth and determine the level of damage, and whether a bonding procedure would be appropriate. Our dentists will usually offer a detailed explanation of all the issues they find during the consultation, and what needs to be done.

The bonding procedure does not necessitate any complicated preparations. Unless the bonding is being applied to a decayed tooth, anesthesia is usually not necessary. The procedure is painless. Our dentists have a shade guide with which they select the appropriate color of the resin they should use. As indicated earlier, the color of the resin needs to match that of your natural teeth.

Preparing the Enamel

The next step is to slightly etch on the enamel of the affected tooth and make it rough. The roughness allows the composite to strongly adhere to the tooth. A conditioning liquid is also used to prepare the tooth surface for the resin. The composite resin will then be applied onto the surface of the tooth. The resin is usually putty-like and quite flexible at the time of application. This allows the dentist to easily mold and shape it properly. Our dentist will then use a laser or UV light beam to harden the composite resin, once he/she has molded and shaped it perfectly. The beam hardens the resin, and it remains tightly bonded to the surface of the tooth.

The final step is to polish the composite resin to attain a smooth finish and crisp edges. Our dentist must ensure that the bonding material matches the sheen of the tooth surface. The procedure takes anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour for a single tooth, depending on the extent of damage on the tooth. You might need more than a single appointment if you need more than one tooth bonded.

The bonded teeth might feel a bit unusual for the first couple of days. If you notice any sharp edges on the teeth, or strange sensations on the teeth while biting down, you should get in touch with our dentist or come back to the clinic and get the teeth checked. Our dentists are accomplished professionals who aim for nothing but perfection when conducting any dental procedure.

Call DiMeo Family Dental at (772) 362-9555 if you need to seek any clarification about bonding. We are always happy to be able to provide important insights concerning dental health.
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Dental Bonding | DiMeo Family Dental | Hobe Sound, FL
Here at DiMeo Family Dental we use the bonding procedure as a remedy to cases of subtle tooth chipping, fracture, discoloration, or decay. Learn more here.
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